Big Bang theory and chocolate cravings. 

Good evening all. 

As I write this I’m currently sat laughing at the Big Bang theory…wanting to stuff my face with a slice of chocolate cake. The good thing is, I don’t have any chocolate cake! 

Weigh in tomorrow, not had the best of weeks to be honest. Being broke and trying to eat well is not the best thing. I currently have £5.63 until Friday along with a box of alpen bars, a cheese string, 5 eggs and half a bad of pasta. Think it’s going to be a long week. Wish me luck. 

It’s been very stressful, family arguments and long hours at work and I just can’t get my head in the right place. Really need to sort my life out, but everything is just money money money. Someone fancy giving me like £5000? Just because? 

Gonna need all the luck in the world for tomorrow. My pink hair is fading and it makes me sad.  Have a lovely evening all xx

Post weigh in blues 

Oh I do sit here feeling very sorry for myself. 

I know tomorrow’s weigh in is going to be terrible. I’m now on week 14 of slimming world and its all gone tits up. I just want to eat everything and everything, last week I put on 4.5 pounds and I only needed 3 pounds to loose until I got down to 2 stone lost! So now I’m back to loosing just over a stone and a half. 

I’m so sick of my weight going up and down and I just can’t seem to get my head in the right place. So I need all the help and motivation I can get please? Maybe? 

I just need someone in my life to cook and prepare all my food as there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me at the moment. I’ve not been to the gym in 2 months because I just can’t find the energy/time to go. I’m always working and when I get back from my 13 hour day I just want to eat my dinner and go to bed. 🙈 

I’ve finished ranting and raving now, it’s out of my system. Hope you lovely lot are still doing well and going hard at it! 

I’m going to go wallow in my hot chocolate with my self pity. 


One of those weeks

good morning! 

As I write this post I am sitting waiting for my friend to make me brunch of poached eggs on toast, how lucky am I! 

What a terrible week it’s been…from walking up the Wrekin, to eating a cheeky dominos. Of course at weigh in I paid for that and put on 4.5 pounds! Well the guilt ate me alive, I wallowed in self pity all night, especially after a really stressful week with other issues. I binged on onion rings, chips and cheese and all of the garlic mayo. Oh it was so good, but treat night is over and I’m 100% back on plan! 

I’m finding it so difficult to get my eating right at the moment especially with 15 hour days and not enough time to prepare anything to eat. But I am determined to get there and even brought a swimming costume! So all I need now is to get over my fear of looking like a beached whale and get my arse to that swimming pool. 

Wish me luck! 

Is there anyone out there?


wow. my first ever blog post, isn’t this quite a scary thing. what on earth do i write in here…this is rather daunting. Perhaps I’ll fill you in on my journey so far. I started slimming world 12 long weeks ago, or there abouts. My weights been up and down, losses and gains after holidays and terrible weeks. 🙈 but I’m proud with where i am now. A fabulous 25 pounds lost so just over a stone and a half…only 3 pounds to go until 2 stone! Fucking fantastic pal!!

Anyway I don’t know about you but I’ve found it extremely difficult especially that time of the month to try and stick to being on plan and not wanting to get into bed with a litre of ice cream and a family size block of chocolate. So my blogs going to be about the daily struggles I face and hopefully over come.

Anywho work to be done… x